The acquisition of a new facility or major materials handling system is frequently the largest investment your company will make. Specific expertise is not available, in-house, to properly manage and engineer such a project and achieve maximum results.

Lexington Engineering Associates specializes in such projects by working with your architect, engineers and operations staff to achieve effectively designed facilities, layout, and material handling systems.

Best results are achieved when we are retained early, in the conceptual stage. The process of building a new facility or materials handling system necessitates the development of an overall strategy, space plan, and design parameters prior to the start of design, construction or system proposals. The design objectives must consider the operational needs best defined by a qualified industrial, materials handling engineer.

Plant warehouse layout should consider the rapidly advancing materials handling systems in order to optimize space, equipment and manpower utilization. Today’s systems are being planned for flexibility as well as growth where all areas are integrated, avoiding “islands of automation” or bottlenecks which interrupt throughput capability, inventory control, and productivity.

LE Associates is an advocate of the team approach to management consulting and maintains an extensive network of technical expertise to complement your skills as well as specific operational experience to maximize return-on-investment on such capital intensive projects.